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We provide a customer cards system to let your customers prefer your company for fulfilling their needs. With these systems you can track your customers shopping behaviour and so you can give them a more personalised service.

Also you can provide a service to your customers which they can earn MoneyPoints as they make payments to you. So by these opportunity your customers will continue shopping at your establishment and so this system will help you to make your customers more loyal to your company.

Business management can report all transactions that occur within this system. Customers can also earn points separate rates determined whether to categorize each customer category in themselves.

For enterprises with multiple branch offices or payment points across all branches by establishing a working Scorecard System as online through the internet, we make sure that this system works.

Shopping habits can be tracked by the loyalty card system for both customers and are provided for your preference.

The loyalty cards will be produced for your company with any special design of your own.


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