Students Cards Systems
Students Cards Systems
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Öğrenci kartı
Öğrenci Kartları


Stundet cards systems or in another words e-purse system aims to control all the transactions in the school and track all the transactions.

By pre-paid card system, you provide one card to student . The students parents, load an amount to the card.

In the school where card holder has service, pays the price of the service or goods with this smart card given. Card holder reads the card to card reader and your employee withdraws the amount with this card.

All the transaction occured by the system is recorded to the database, so the system administrators can report every transactions deeply. Total amouts paid at a certain period of time, transaction reports of a certain service point or a card holder.

All the transaction will be recorded to the database online an in seconds. By this speciality you can track all the transactions in your facility every time you wish.

Pre-paid card systems can also be used for operating any machines (like tools,beveregade machines etc) and this system also saves time because paying takes only 2 seconds with this system.


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